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    • September 21
      Given by Brian Smith; Our Faith as a Life Style: Getting close to God beyond Sunday; Growing in Holy Spirit Evangelism; Cultivating faith sharing in our parish
    • September 20
      The topic is "Assisi and the Spirit of Saint Francis"
    • September 20
      Handmade crafts and wares suitable for the upcoming holidays are sure to tickle your fancy. Stop by Gurnell Hall 9:30am - 5:00pm to see what is available!
    • September 20
      This is a one day event in which we gather to affirm the dignity and value of all life from conception to natural death including the sick, elderly and the poor.
    • September 16
      At our RCIA class we have included a Scripture Study Series (open to the parish!) which started September 12, entitled: "How we Got our Bible" (Part One - 3 weeks) and "The Gospel of Luke - Written for outsiders" (Part Two- 3 weeks). It is not too late to join. We are meeting in Cantwell Hall at 630-8pm on Tuesday nights. Call Brian Smith at (530) 306-5701 or email Brilion63@aol.com, with any questions