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    • The final homily for the end of Ordinary Time.
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    • If anyone is interested in being a godparent or sponsor for our RCIA members, please contact Brian Smith at bsmith@stpatpv.org or (530)306-5701 Thanks!
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    • The office remains open as does the Clothes Closet. Please click the title for MUCH more information regarding the weekend procedures for receiving Confession and the Holy Eucharist.
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    • Those of you who picked tags may turn them into the office Monday through Friday. They need to be here by Friday, December 4! If you did want a tag but they were all gone, grocery gift cards are always accepted and can be used for the families. You may also bring these to the office. If the office is closed, you may call ahead to arrange drop off or slip the envelope through the mail slot. May God bless and protect you and all in our community!
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    • Yes, it is open, for the time being. The guidelines of wearing your mask, keeping six feet apart and no more than 4 people in the room with the other guidelines are being met. We will keep you posted with any changes so for now we are able to serve those in the community who are some of the neediest people in the area. Pray for one another and for us to continue to serve others.
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    • Sadly we are now in the purple tier ... what that means for us? Any events in the Church need to be for 10 people or under. Therefore daily Mass has been suspended for the time being. Confessions will continue to take place on Saturday with Fr Hernando being available in the vestibule (entry area) at 3:00 pm. The details for the weekend schedule are being worked out and will be posted later in the week. Stay posted for more information to come!
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    • The topic of this week's homily as given by Fr Hernando Gomez.
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